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Ever had an assistant that was so loyal that they would call a bomb threat to a airline just to make sure that you don’t miss your flight? Well we aren’t condoning this type of behavior at all, but you have to admit that the idea is pretty crazy. Well there just happens to be a lady in Florida that did so for her boss. She helped contribute to his tardiness and decided to help make sure he didn’t miss his flight by calling and emailing in a bomb threat for his plane.

We wonder, did he make his flight?

Well we hate to burst any bubbles, but there are some high security locks that can’t be rekeyed. If you own a Medeco High Security lock, you will be able to rekey only if you can still go to the locksmith that installed it for you. Reason being, is because that the locksmith that installs the lock for you has a control key for it that allows him to rekey it for you. If you locksmith is out of business then you will need to install a new lock.

What about Schlage High Security Locks? Well these locks can be rekeyed. There are no special requirements for a locksmith to do this for you. Mul-T-Locks, however, cannot be rekeyed. If you happen to lose your keys or need new keys for whatever reason then you will need to replace your lock. Some people do not need to maintain their key control because a very limited about of people have access to the keys for the locks.

If you have a different brand of high security locks, just contact your manufacturer and ask them if it can be rekeyed or not. So when you call any locksmith, you will know for yourself that they can or can’t be rekeyed. Some locksmiths want you to spend as much as possible, so you should be well educated before purchasing any service.

When you buy a new lock set that you felt was a great investment, you want it to last. You want your money’s worth. You expect your lock to last you at least a few years at minimum. Although, if you do not take care of your locks – they will fail your expectations. So what can you do to maintain your locks?

You need a lubricant. Lubricants such as, WD-40 will work just fine. Just stick the straw into the key hole and spray. Wipe off any excess that has seeped out of the hole. Lubricate your lock a few times a year. Why do you need to do this? Well your lock is made up of moving parts. It’s a mechanical device, these moving pieces will eventually take on some wear and begin to break down. Keeping them lubed will result in longer lasting lock.

Note: There are other things that could happen to your lock that would cause it to stop working. Obviously, lubing your locks will not protect it from everything.

They do infact! But do not get ahead of yourselves. Skeleton Keys are only for warded locks. What are warded locks? Well warded locks are one of the most ancient models. These locks could only open if the correct key was used. Although, people produced the “bypass key” aka the Skeleton Key and then was able to open a variety of warded locks. Even in the ancient days, they made locks to specifically make it more difficult for criminals to get passed the lock.

Picture of the well known skeleton key.

Skeleton Key

A picture of a warded lock and matching key.

warded lock and key

These images are from Wikipedia.

Although, for modern pin tumbler locks – there are no skeleton keys. But the society still has other worries about their security. There are many ways to get on the other side of the lock, whether its through the door or not. So our suggestion is that you get deadbolts and buy high quality locks if you don’t already have them, and then consider looking at other options for security as well. Like installing a security system. Perhaps you should call in with your home insurance providers and see if they have any specials for you.

Lock Bumping In The News – San Francisco #1The funniest bloopers are right here

locksmiths in San francisco,SF,CA,locks

This image is from an articlein the New York Times.

At San Francisco Locksmiths we specialize in the installation and repair of high security systems. Do you need a safe installed or repaired? We can help. Our technicians are trained to work on all major brands of house and business security. CCTV or “closed circuit television” is a natural step for large and small businesses interested in the highest quality of security. CCTV is centrally controlled by the home or business owner and the cameras used can be easily hidden out of sight.

High security systems can also come in the form of a safe or vault for the keeping of important documents and valuables. Our locksmiths can install and repair all major brands of safes and vaults. We understand the importance of keeping your home and business safe, and making sure that your most important documents are secured. Call us today.

San Francisco Locksmiths offer a wonderful re-key and key creation service. Our technicians can help to secure most any lock with a re-key. Re-keying is the process of creating new slots for new keys in an existing lock. This is a popular service because the lock it’s self does not need to be replaced, only the keys need to be replaced. This can be helpful for landlords or anyone who needs to keep a past key-holder out!

Our technicians are skilled in key services for all your needs. We can create new keys when you have broken one, or help with jammed keys that are stuck in locks. The creation of new, master, and duplicate keys is something our technicians take pride in. Call us today.

Here is a list of the types of Locksmith services we offer in SF

jammed ignitions
lock repair
master re-keying
lost keys
new ignitions
new locks
installation/repair/change/upgrade any type of lock
key replacement
Replacing all types of car locks
opening vehicles
replacing lost transponder vat keys
broken keys
keyless locks
replace home locks
deadbolt locks
rim cylinders
high security cylinders
exclusive/designer locks
cabinet locks
All lock work
commercial locks
security door locks
lost car key replacement
digital locks
card readers
mechanical push button locks
standard mortise locks
decorative mortise locks
high security locks
aluminum and glass locks
door knob and lever set
mortise cylinders
plug cylinders
jimmy proof/night latch

We havea 24 hour, emergency commercial locksmith service in San Francisco serving the entire metro. We handle all business/commercial/industrial locksmith issues you can throw at us. We’re a mobile, 24 hour service that specializes in high security systems, business lockouts, file cabinets, safes, vaults and more.

Are you looking to add security to your business? Have you been thinking about a high security system? Look no further, we are here to help. We can install, repair, and replace all commercial security systems in the San Francisco Metro. Our locksmiths are highly skilled in all brands and knowledgeable about all systems in security, safes and vaults.

Our locksmiths can help you if you’ve been locked-out of your buisness or office. We are also trained in opening file cabinets and the repair, replacement, and installation of safes and vaults.

We can also handle all re-keys, creation of new keys, master keys and whatever else you can throw at us. We are a 24 hour mobile service and no commercial or industrial job is too big or small for our locksmith technicians.

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